Cello Cases

Cases vary in availability and shipping costs so it is not possible to purchase them online. You can use this part of the store to view the possible range of cases, but please contact us to discuss what we currently have available and what the shipping costs might be.

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  • Cello Bag-0

    Cello Bag


    The KG padded cello bag is 20mm thick has two backpack straps and large pocket for music. It features sturdy zippers and carry handles with a seperate pocket for the bow.

  • Deluxe Cello Cover-0

    Deluxe Cello Cover


    The Deluxe Series Protech Cello Cover features a rugged polyester exterior and soft lining, carrying handles, top quality hardware, accessory pockets and padding up to 30mm thick.

  • Bobelock Cello Case-0

    Bobelock Cello Case


    Bobelock ‘s sleek looking cello case is built using a strong Fibreglass constructed shell an padded interior.

    This case fits a Montagnana model instrument.

  • Hiscox Cello Case-0

    Hiscox Cello Case


    Made from strong, molded ABS plastic, the ivory shell has a higher specification than the black shell, giving even greater impact resistance.

  • Bam Classic Cello Case-0

    Bam Classic Cello Case


    The new Bam Classic Cello Case is a light case at an affordable price. It features anti-shock textured ABS shell and anti-slip / anti-wear rubber patches on the bottom outer shell.

    Please contact us if you wish to make an order. Subject to availability.

  • Bam Cello Flight Cover-0

    Bam Cello Flight Cover


    The Bam Cello Flight Cover is designed to fit over Bam cello cases, increasing protection while traveling. A new shipment of these case covers has just arrived.

  • Musilia Cello Cases-0

    Musilia Cello Cases


    Musilia cases utilise an innovative construction technology that produces a durable case that is not only extremely light weight and attractive but also well-designed and functional.

    The model and price shown is the Musilia S1. Other models (S2, S3 and M) are available from time to time – go to “learn more”. Please note that price varies according to model. Colours include Red, Black, Deep Blue, Sky Blue depending upon availability. The indicated price was current at the last importation and is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current price, availability and colour range.

  • Bam Newtech Cello Case-0

    Bam Newtech Cello Case


    The shell of the Newtech cello case is made of sleek, metallic ABS. It is very light weight and the molded interior suspension cushions offer superior protection for the instrument.

  • Bam Hightech 2.9 Slim Cello Case-0

    Bam Hightech 2.9 Slim Cello Case


    The external shell construction of the Hightech 2.9 Slim cello case offers outstanding protection as well as being ultra light-weight.