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  • Joseph Rieger Cello, Germany 1824

    Just short of its 200th birthday, this old cello has a genuine aged patina which makes it both attractive and comfortable to handle. It does have a couple of old battle scars which have been inspected and reinforced where required, but it is still structurally in excellent condition with beautiful quality of sound to match.

    Joseph Rieger was a member of a large family of violin makers from Mittenwald in Bavaria. He trained under his father Anton, and specialised in cellos based on Stradivari models. The cello is heat branded internally with the initials ‘I – R’ (‘I’ being generally interchangeable with ‘J’ in German script of the period). It is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity of the Swiss expert, J. E. Jüst dated 1931.

    It has been fitted up in our workshop using a Stamm Belgian bridge, Spirocore C & G and Larsen D & A strings. This cello would be suitable for the advanced student or professional cellist.

    Please contact us for more details quoting number VC309.

  • Rainer Beilharz Cello, Australia 2020

    The back plate of this cello is made from a striking two-piece, book-matched flamed maple with a top plate of fine tonewood from the Jura mountains. The varnish of a medium amber hue, laid over a golden ground. It is of course crafted to Rainer’s typically advanced level; the sound and playability of Beilharz instruments are bywords in player’s circles and this is no exception so book an appointment to try it today.

    One of Australia’s finest luthiers, Rainer is a multi-award-winning maker whose work is increasingly recognised and revered both in Australia and abroad. Rainer is a founding member of the Australian Violin Makers Association (AVMA) and a member of the Entente Internationale des Maître Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art (EILA). His workshop is situated in the peaceful Central Victorian town of Castlemaine.

    The cello is fitted up by the maker using French ebony fittings, a Stamm Belgian style bridge and Spirocore C & G and Pirastro Perpetual A & D strings. This cello would be suitable for the advanced student or professional player.

    Please contact us for more details quoting number VC318.

  • Michelangelo Puglisi, Catania, Italy, 1918

    A very fine professional instrument which is an absolute pleasure to play and listen to.

    Please contact us for more details, quoting number CVC300

  • Rainer Beilharz cello, 2015

    A 4/4 cello made by internationally multi-award-winning Australian maker, Rainer Beilharz, whose instruments are always in demand.

    The pictured instrument has sold (CVC303), however we do have a new Beilharz cello in store.  Contact us for more details quoting the number CVC318.