Malcolm Collins Cello, New Zealand 2012

The distinctive hazeling effect in the belly spruce gives this cello a striking appearance.

Living just out of Wellington, in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, Malcolm Collins originally trained as a boat builder where he developed his fine woodworking skills.

Malcolm is a very natural and intuitive violin maker who has made a large number of instruments. As an amateur musician he was drawn to violin making and over the years has produced an admirably large body of fine work.

This cello is made from finely flamed maple in the back and sides while the belly has a distinctive hazeling effect in the spruce giving it a very attractive appearance.  It has strong and direct tone whilst maintaining the refined warmth of timbre that is characteristic of Malcolm’s cellos.

  • Length of back 762 mm; string length 677 mm
  • Referenc e: VC.219