GelRest Chin Rest Pad

GelRest Chin Rest Pad


GelRest chin rest pad.

Just peel and stick to the chin rest to make it more comfortable.

As noted below, we have a very limited stock of these available just now, but we are hoping to source a  shipment direct from the manufacturer soon.



GelRest chin rest pad is a contoured gel pad which attaches via peel-and-stick adhesive to the chin rest.

Rather than simply cut from a flat sheet, like other cushioning materials, the gel is cast into a mold to achieve the cupped shape needed to fit the chin and maintain the look of a traditional chin rest.

The gel material used for the GelRest contains no silicone, and is approved by the FDA. It’s non-slip, even when wet, so holding your instrument is more comfortable in any conditions including humid or hot weather.

As the importer is no longer bringing these into Australia we only have limited options available –  black for Teka and Flesch and one rosewood for Teka.  Contact us if you need any further information.