Tourte-Bech Magnetic Mute

Tourte-Bech Magnetic Mute


The Tourte-Bech Magnetic mute for violin/viola and cello uses a hi-tech magnet to keep the mute resting in place against the tail piece when not in use. The main image to the left is the cello mute.



The Tourte-Bech Magnetic mute is made using a hi-tech rubber engineered for durability and lasting flexibility, which guarantees a continuing good fit on the bridge.

The magnet keeps the mute exactly where you want it enabling it to be ready for use, even when the music composition allows little time to engage or disengage the mute.

No unwanted vibration noises caused by a rattling mute and the acoustic qualities of the mute’s materials allow the voice of the instrument to resonate even while muted.

Ideal for the orchestral musician.