Leatherwood Rosin

Leatherwood Rosin


Leatherwood Rosin is a premium Australian rosin, which is beautifully hand-crafted and provides excellent results.



This rosin is made from the finest ingredients and materials, including Australian pine resin, wood and leather. It is the only Australian-made rosin available.

It is available for violin, viola, and cello; and for each there are two formulations to choose from – crisp or supple.

Crisp: This recipe creates a decisive attack, firm traction and crisp articulation. The crisp blend often works well with an instrument which could benefit from greater clarity of sound, and bows needing greater clarity of articulation. Crisp can also assist small student or cheaper instruments, by enhancing their sound to be brighter and sometimes louder; and beginning students find it easier to articulate with crisp.

Supple: This provides a warmer and smoother sound, with consistent traction that feels velvety and rich. However this recipe still maintains a reliably sharp attack on the string. The supple blend can help generate a more powerful and focused sound from a softer and lighter bow with less ‘bite’. Supple can also enhance the sounds of a mellow instrument by making it sound more resonant. Supple can also ‘soften’ an instrument which is too loud, bright or one-­dimensional in sound.