Millant Deroux Rosin

Millant Deroux Rosin


Millant Deroux Rosin


Millant Deroux rosin is sometimes called the “Cat Brand”, and is still manufactured to the same exacting standards that were established over 100 years ago.

The originator of this famous rosin was the French violin maker, Sebastian-August Deroux. He was born in Mirecourt in 1848 and moved to Paris in 1884. At that time he started to make a rosin he called Colophane Deroux.

M. Deroux’s grandsons took over the rosin manufacturing when their grandfather died in 1919. They improved the quality in order to increase the adhesion of the bow to the strings and at the same time, reduce the rosin dust. At that time, they added their name to that of M. Deroux so from then to the present, it has been known as Colophane Millant-Deroux. In addition, they created the logo of the cat playing the cello which they placed on the centre of the cover, hence the nickname “Cat Brand”.

Using only the best ingredients, this rosin is suitable for violin, viola and cello. The sound produced by this classic rosin is found to be clean and subtle – a fine choice for professional and serious student alike.

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