Pirastro KorfkerRest Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4

Pirastro KorfkerRest Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4



This elegant, high-quality shoulder rest has a sleek design and is feather-light, with minimal use of rubber and metal and minimal contact with the instrument. It is also highly adjustable, including the main body of the shoulder rest, which is made from flexible tone-wood. All these factors allow the player to enjoy maximum resonance and comfort while playing their instrument. For the professional or those spending many hours playing, it could be a very worthwhile investment.

  • Made using maple body, aluminium legs, and rubber pads and feet.
  • Adjustable position, height and tilt, as well as the curve of the wood which can be moulded with your hands.
  • Comfortable pads and well-gripping feet
  • Includes 4 spare pads, and Ergopack (additional leg joints for extra adjustment)
  • Made in Germany

Also available for viola on request.
For more detailed information, see www.pirastro-shoulderrests.com/en/korfker-rest-features/