W. E. Hill & Sons, London violin bow,  c.1900

W. E. Hill & Sons, London violin bow, c.1900

The shield inlay was one of the early patterns used by Hills.

This bow has sold. CVNB640.


W. E. Hill & Sons produced fine quality bows from the late 1800s and used shield and diamond inlays, amongst other designs, in the frogs. This frog also has a full pearl slide and heel plate and the end of the adjuster is turned in concentric circles. It bears a full “W. E. HILL & SONS” stamp.

Perfectly balanced, it is easy to control and performs spiccato, sautillé, spiccato volante and détaché beautifully. It produces a colourful warm tone with elegant clear articulation and works brilliantly for drawing dynamics nuances and contrasts.

Yet another masterpiece from the Hill workshop.

This bow has sold.  CVNB640.