Musilia Cello Cases

Musilia Cello Cases


Starting at $1,650, Musilia cases utilise an innovative construction technology that produces a durable case that is not only extremely light weight and attractive but also well-designed and functional. The model and price shown is the Musilia S1. Other models (S2, S3 and M) are available from time to time – go to “learn more”. Please note that price varies according to model. Colours include Red, Black, Deep Blue, Sky Blue depending upon availability. The indicated price was current at the last importation and is subject to change without notice. Please contact us to discuss availability and shipping options.


The unique carrying system allows the user to choose a range of carrying options from a simple strap to a complete backpack that incorporates comfortable back padding and a music holder (the backpack attachment is an optional accessory).

The internal padding can also be customised to suit individual cellos – either by turning a reciprocal two-way screw to provide base support or by moving velcro-attached interior cushions.

Strings Magazine recently chose Musilia cello cases as one of their Top Ten new products …

Looking for an ultralight cello case with strength, durability, and the ability to accommodate a seated cellist’s posture needs?

Musilia’s new carbon-fiber cello cases were designed by a professional cellist from a family of cellists, and seem to have addressed all the familiar issues: weight, safety, nonstandard dimensions, ease of carrying, and even the irritating noise of rattling hardware.

The no-frills interior sports a unique suspension system that adjusts easily to fit any full- or near-full-sized instrument. A foam block at the upper end holds the cello button firmly in place with the neck suspended in air. A cross bar keeps the case rigid at the neck. The lower bouts are suspended on foam pads mounted on carbon-fiber springs, each adjustable by a two-way screw for a custom fit.

The case holds two bows. Latches, handles, and simplified strap hardware are all designed to reduce noise. A classy touch.

Since so many accidents involve torn straps or the hardware used to secure them, Musilia has devised a system with a single nylon strap and simple plastic strap adjusters. Several smooth-edged strap-holder inserts are inset into the case to reduce snagging, and reinforced with layers of carbon fiber for strength. The strap can be rigged in various backpack or over- the-shoulder configurations to suit the player.

Please note that the back pack cushion is an optional extra and does not come as standard, currently priced at $230.00.

The following weights are as advised by Musilia but may vary due to manufacturing variabilities.

Models available:

S1 Series Currently $1,650.00
Weight c. 3.7 kg
External dimensions 1320 mm, 370 mm, 470 mm

S2 Series Currently $2,250.00
Weight c. 3.4 kg
External dimensions 1320 mm, 370 mm, 470 mm

S3 Series Currently $2,790.00
Weight c. 2.5 kg
External dimensions 1320 mm, 370 mm, 470 mm

M Series Price on application
Weight c. 3.6 kg
External dimensions 1327 mm, 406 mm, 508 mm
Suitable for larger cellos such as the Montagnana model

Please contact us to discuss availability and shipping options.