Musilia Cello Case, S3

Musilia cases are designed to provide the ideal combination of lightness and protectiveness, made from a strong but lightweight hybrid carbon fibre material with a sleek, compact design. The S3 model is one of the lightest cases available; and is suitable for Stradivarius model cellos, and those with similar dimensions.

  • Interior Features: Black felt material; adjustable padding; accessory pouch; weather-tight seal; 8 secure clips; neck strap; end-pin support. Provides insulation and suspension to protect the instrument.
  • Exterior Features: Back-style straps, with a unique attachment system which have no metal clips to rattle, scratch the case or come unclipped.  Side handle; 4 rubber feet.
  • Optional extras: Shoulder handle available. Can be paired with the hiking-style back pack, with waist strap and music pocket; this provides added comfort, reduces strain on the back, and makes the case seem even lighter.
  • Choose from: TransBlue, TransBlack, TransGreen, TransRed, White, Black, Silver, Blue, SkyBlue, Purple, Red, Yellow. The 'Trans' colours have a light black patterning throughout and a translucent shine to the finish, while the other colours have a plain, more matte finish.
  • Weight approx. 2.5 kg
  • External dimensions: height 1346 mm, width 580 mm, depth 320 mm
    Internal dimensions: Height 1330 mm, upper bout 380 mm, lower bout 470 mm