English Violin, School of Peter Wamsley c.1750

This rare violin, in excess of 200 years old, has a lovely aged patina. The two-piece top is complemented by a medium flamed maple back and dark red-brown varnish. It is a robust instrument with an open, resonant and surprisingly powerful sound which is crisp and clear and offers ample projection.

A recognised master violin maker, Peter Wamsley ran a busy workshop in which he mainly employed other makers including his own son. This violin shows hints of Duke and the early Forster school that would have been strong influences at the time, rather than Wamsley’s own more delicate work so it’s fair to assume that this would be a workshop instrument. Wamsley’s son, also named Peter, ran the workshop after his father’s death but continued to use the same shop labels for the rest of his life and so it’s also fair to surmise that the violin is from this later period.

It has been fitted up in the Alex Grant Workshop with Evah Pirazzi strings. The model and sound production would make it ideal for the advanced student, young professional or chamber music enthusiast.

EnglishViolin, School of Peter Wamsley c.1750

Reference: VN.1138