Dominant Violin E String


Dominant Violin E String


Dominant violin strings are a very popular choice for student and professional player alike. Constructed with a multi-strand perlon core, Dominant strings offer tonal warmth, rich in overtones and effortless projection and clarity.



These time-tested synthetic core strings were invented in the early 1970’s and are a great choice for students or anyone wanting a quality string at a reasonable price.

Dominant strings are probably the most well known strings in the world and are the default choice for many violinists (often used in various combinations with other strings).

Like all perlon core strings, Dominant strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for players who feel uncomfortable with steel strings. The sound of these strings is full and mellow with rich overtones. They are radiant and can project without sounding metallic.

You will need to play them in for a few days to get rid of any metallic edge that they often have fresh out of the package and they have to be changed at regular intervals to keep the sound.

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