C G Glier & Sohn violin, Markneukirchen, c. 1935

C G Glier & Sohn violin, Markneukirchen, c. 1935


The workshop of C. G. Glier & Sohn was founded by this family of violin makers in Markneukirchen around 1930.

This instrument has sold. CVN1086


After the end of the First World War, Markneukirchen violin makers were to lose their ready supply of entry level violins and parts supplied by the violin workshops of the Bohemian centres just across the border. This changed not only the level of output but the quality of instruments emanating from Markneukirchen. There was little to be gained from trying to compete with the cheapest end of the market and so the workshops developed their skills and started producing higher quality instruments. Thus, between the wars, some very fine instruments were to come from this incredibly productive centre.

The two piece back plate exhibits narrow, regularly flamed maple with the figure descending from the centre joint; the head is of similar wood; the sides of slightly broader flame; the top plate is of two pieces of beautifully fine, even spruce, all covered in an homogenous dark amber varnish.

It exhibits a big open sound with a slightly darker bottom end giving a richness to the tone which brightens and lightens as one progresses to the higher registers. It’s even, both across the strings and throughout the range and has a good overtones response. Although easy under the ear, it has lots of volume and projection, but in a controllable way; the way it responds to the bow making it easy, in terms of volume, to fit into different playing situations.

This instrument has sold.  CVN1086