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Update on CITES Rosewood Exemption

26 November 2019 was the implementation date for the CITES rosewood exemption. As of then, CITES no longer covers, and permits are no longer required for, trade in finished musical instruments, finished musical instrument accessories and finished musical instrument parts containing rosewood. [N.B: An exemption for rosewood does not mean that other CITES-covered material in an instrument also containing rosewood will not require permits.]

This is the very good news.

The more complicated part of the story is that the actual implementation of the exemption may take more time in certain countries.

In the US, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia the exemption went into effect on 26 November 2019. Persons traveling from these countries with rosewood-containing instruments, parts and accessories will no longer require export permits. Persons entering will no longer require import permits.

In the EU, however, the regulation implementing the new rosewood rule has been ratified and sent to member states. The regulation will not enter into force, however, until the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. We do not know when this may happen. Some are saying this will occur in January; certainly not sooner than one month from now. New Zealand is also thought to be implementing in January 2020. This means that, during the interim period, a person trading from the US to an EU country, e.g., may not need an export permit from the US, but is likely to need an export permit for the EU country. And vice versa in the event someone in the EU intends to trade with someone in the US (export needed, import not needed).