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Please scroll down to see information on COVID-19 sanitising instruments and bows

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Alex W Grant Violins will donate one free violin, viola or cello rehair per week, to a tertiary student or an out of work musician who depends on casual work for a living.

This offer will continue until restrictions are officially relaxed.  Only musicians meeting the above criteria should apply.

The first person to ring through for this service after 9.00 am on Monday mornings will secure the offer for that week.

The bow will be rehaired at a mutually convenient time during that week, and cannot be carried over beyond the week of the booking.  Bows cannot be booked in in advance.

We are operating to our usual hours by appointment – be sure to check our appointment page and ring us to book in a time that suits you.

Following are notes on sanitising instruments and bows.  It’s a bit long, but important to read it all.


With schools starting to re-open, several requests have come through for advice on how to safely clean string instruments and bows. This advice only applies to normal entry level school instruments, if it’s thought that the instrument may be more valuable, skip the alcohol component of the following method and use just the soapy water.

If the instruments have not been handled within the last 72 hours, they should be safe to give out to children, remind teachers to wash or sanitise hands before picking the instruments up to give to the child.

Our procedure in the shop is that after anyone has touched an instrument, we wipe the strings down with min. 60% alcohol … you need to be very careful here because alcohol can ‘burn’ some varnishes.

Alcohol wipes are readily available in sealed sachets from a chemist but a cheaper option is to use plain methylated spirit (‘metho’) which you can get from any hardware store.  Keep the metho and the instruments well apart and be aware that alcohol, in whatever form, is highly inflammable!

Our method is to keep a small piece of cotton or towelling material in a sealed jar (an old jam jar or similar) with just enough metho (a couple of teaspoons will do) to keep it damp.  Use this small cloth to wipe down the strings and the playing surface of the fingerboard. If any alcohol does get on the varnish, don’t try to wipe it off, just leave it to evaporate.

The rest of the instrument can fairly safely be wiped down with soapy water or a disinfectant solution. We use a conservation grade soap but ordinary mild soapy water e.g. a diluted dish washing liquid solution should do. Again, use a small cloth, just damp, and it should dry off harmlessly within 20-30 seconds. We then wipe down again with a cloth dampened with distilled water but plain, clean tap water will do and again, within 20 seconds or so, it will be dry. Buff with a dry cloth.

Bow sticks (the wooden shaft) and frog can be wiped down with the damp soapy water cloth, followed by a wipe down using clean water, but avoid touching the hair.

Cases, similarly, can usually be safely wiped down with the damp soapy water cloth.

For accessories such as shoulder rests, we prefer to use an alcohol wipe as it dries really quickly whereas if a foam pad gets saturated with water, it can take hours to dry.

Both alcohol and soap can dry the skin so protective gloves should be worn if that’s a concern.

Located just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, Alex W Grant Violins’ shop is easily accessible to players and visitors not only from Melbourne but from country Victoria and interstate.

Trained in Europe, Alex has worked in the U.K., New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia. He is proud to be a founding member of the Australian Violin Maker’s Association as well as a member of the Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d’art.

To remain well within the latest Safety Guidelines for adhering to Stay At Home Directions from the Deputy Chief Health Officer, we will operate an appointment only system, permitting one group of up to three people at a time into the shop.  Please ring for an appointment.

Social distancing guidelines must be observed at all times.

This policy will remain in place until restrictions are lifted.

We are well stocked with all items across the range of instruments, bows, cases, strings and accessories so if you are self-isolating or reluctant to come out in the current circumstances don’t forget our e-commerce shop is open and ready to attend to all your needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for there, give us a ring or send us an email with an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Please read the following information regarding our new operating procedures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

From 1 April we will operate an appointment only system as outlined above.  We will list blocked out times on our appointments page. You can also check the appointments for next week

In addition to the appointment system, we have implemented strict hygiene measures in the showroom, including wiping down strings, fingerboards and bows after each play and regularly sanitising bench tops, door handles and all common areas.

You will be asked to use sanitiser or wash your hands before handling instruments or accessories.  These will have been cleaned prior to your arrival and again after you leave the shop.

We would respectfully ask customers not to idly handle instruments or accessories out of curiosity as this involves an additional workload for our staff in cleaning up.

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop.

Services We Offer

•  Violin, viola and cello bow rehairs
•  Valuations
•  A fully stocked retail shop with an excellent range of violins, violas and cellos for sale along with their cases, bows, chin rests, shoulder rests, strings, rosins, mutes and all other accessories. We also offer a comprehensive e-commerce facility
•  Instrument rental
•  Full workshop services including setting up, restoration and repairs – this aspect of our business is always very heavily booked so work is undertaken by appointment only.

Online Store

Alex W Grant Violins has always been committed to offering the best in service, advice and range of quality products. With the introduction of our online store we’ve added convenience to the mix.

Feel free to browse our online store, which includes comprehensive information and photographs of our instruments and accessories – your favourite products are now just a click away and please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need any assistance or advice!

Most of the accessories shown in the catalogue are held in stock.  In most instances, for these goods, orders received from Monday to Friday before 12.00 noon E.S.T will be despatched the next day except if you have selected Express Post which should go on the same day. We will contact you directly regarding delivery of larger items. Please contact us should you wish your goods to be sent by Registered Post.