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Our Christmas / summer holiday hours : Closing at 5.00 pm on 23 December, reopening at 9.00 am on 15 January 2024.

We wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday period.

Alex Grant Violins

Alex Grant Violins

  • We welcome all beginning musicians

    Every musical adventure begins with the connection between player and instrument. We are here to help you find the instrument that suits both your immediate needs and future playing journey in a supportive and inspiring environment.

    Developing your full playing potential

    Choosing your first stringed instrument is such an exciting step. We’re always available to offer guidance for each and every emerging player, developing career long relationships as you develop your full playing potential.

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    Explore our range of beginner instruments:


    ‘Set-up’ is the term used to describe the customised adjustments that make an instrument playable. The professionally set-up instrument will be much easier and more pleasant to play, and will assist progress.


    We are delighted to be able to offer an affordable quality beginner range where every instrument has received our workshop’s custom set-up. This final step carried out in our workshop is crucial, as while beginner instruments arriving directly from the factory have remarkably good basic bodies, they come with generic fittings and are not yet ready to be played.

    The set-up variables listed below explain the typical processes carried out by our workshop to bring instruments up to their optimum playing potential.

    Our value packed ‘Etude’ set-up is offered on all our beginner instrument range.

    These essential steps include:

    • Tuning Pegs are fitted and lubricated for ease of tuning
    • The top nut is softened and adjusted for height to increase comfort and extend string life
    • The fingerboard is checked, adjusted, and has the edges softened to increase comfort and improve intonation
    • The bridge is upgraded and adjusted for height to assist with sound quality and general playability
    • The soundpost is re-cut and properly positioned to optimise sound output and quality
    • Strings are upgraded to quality European brands for best tone and comfort under the fingers
    • Tailpieces are adjusted or upgraded to ensure easier tuning
    • The bow is rosined and checked, the adjuster lubricated to ensure smooth action
    • The case is checked to ensure it is robust and fit for purpose


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    Trade-Ins & Second-Hand

    We also offer trade-ins and second-hand beginner instruments suitable for developing musicians.

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