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  • Renting an instrument

    Renting is a flexible and affordable solution for young students who may quickly outgrow fractional sizes or for the first-time player looking to try something new.

    Rental Instruments

    To help you decide if renting is right for you, below are some frequently asked questions. We are always happy to help so please contact us if you need more information on sizing or availability.

    • All our instruments come ready to play with a bow, case, rosin and cleaning cloth
    • Sizing upgrades are available as needed
    • We offer a three-month minimum rental period after which you can return it at any time
    • If you are ready to purchase an instrument to continue your musical journey after three months, we discount your initial three-month rental payment off your new instrument

    To provide you with an instrument in good playing order, fit for purpose. We guarantee the structural stability and agree to repair or replace any such failure. We are happy to provide free a maintenance check-over at any time.

    To care for the instrument and keep it in good condition and to replace consumable items as required, which include strings, bridges, rosin and bow hair. It is your responsibility to inform us of any update to contact details, accident damage, and loss or theft of the rental instrument.

    No problem, please contact us as soon as you notice you have a issue and we will advise you on what action to take.

    Not as such, but if you wish to buy an instrument from our shop stock, we will deduct the first three months’ rent you have paid from the purchase price.

    Yes, you are welcome to make your first payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or EFTPoS. However, all successive rental payments must be paid by Direct Debit and this can only come out of a savings or cheque account.

    All regular payments are by Direct Debit, you will need to supply us with your bank details, (bank name, account name, BSB and account number) to enable us to complete the rental agreement.

    Yes, the minimum rental is for three months. You may return the instrument before this period has expired, but the initial three month rental paid is non-refundable.

    No, a bond is not required on our rental instruments.

    Your first payment will include a one-off handling and preparation fee and three months rental period.

    No, but they are all cleaned and reconditioned after each rental term so they often look and function as if new.

    All our instruments are offered at our ‘Etude’ level set-up. Our ‘Etude’ set-up makes playing (and therefore practice and listening) a far more rewarding experience to both the student and the parents. This is the same set-up used on the beginner instruments which we sell in the shop.

    For details of our Etude level set-up, please refer to our For Beginners page.

    Rental instruments are of varied brands, but all are from the upper strata of the entry range.

    No. In the unlikely event that the instrument is lost or sustains terminal damage, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement. For this reason we encourage you to ensure that your rental instrument is included on your insurance policy.

    You will get rosin, a bow and a case (or a soft bag for a cello) under the rental agreement, also a cleaning cloth, “Fragile” stickers, instrument care guide and a luggage label for the case or bag. Any other accessories can be included, please speak to our staff.

    Yes, the transition to the next sized instrument is essentially seamless. Please contact us to ensure we have your size available before your visit.

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    Need more guidance?

    Book an appointment to get started; our experienced staff are always happy to prepare a custom-designed package to help players at all levels find the right combination of instrument and bow.

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