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Alex W.Grant Violins Collingwood Shop


Bow rehairs

We operate an overnight bow rehair service. Bows booked into the workshop by 12.00 pm will generally be ready to be picked up by 12.00 pm the next day.  Occasionally we can be overbooked with bows so we encourage you to phone ahead to be sure of having your bow serviced on the day of your choice.

Alex completes all bow rehairs at Collingwood. This involves clearing the workbench of instrument repairs at the end of each day to prepare for bows and enjoying the change of task.

Alex first learned the intricacies of bow work whilst still at college from the English bow maker, John Stagg. Subsequently he worked on advanced techniques with the renowned Parisian bow maker Edwin Clément and also with Marcus Worz, both of whom had served time in the workshop of Stephane Thomachot in Paris. Another great inspiration was French Canadian André Lavoy who had a most natural and intuitive approach to bow work.

In the main we use only the finest quality unbleached hair which originates in Italy where the initial cleaning and dressing is also performed.  We then complete a second, thorough, cleaning process here in Melbourne to remove any residual natural oils.  Alex then sorts the “dressed” hair, filament by filament, a process which picks out and rejects 20% to 30% of the available hair, to ensure that only the best, unblemished hair is incorporated into the rehair.

Rehair charges are as follows:

Violin: $130
Viola: $130
Cello: $135