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Refit and lubricate tuning pegs

Refit tuning pegs


Tuning pegs are subject to friction wear. Refitting and lubricating your existing tuning pegs should be done from time to time when they no longer turn smoothly.

Pegs can become oval with wear; making them so tight that they become impossible to turn. The reverse can also be true, some wear may cause them to be so loose that they can no longer hold the strings in tune.

When either of these situations arises, special tools are used to precisely re-cut the peg shank taper. The holes in the peg box are not altered unless absolutely necessary (as in the case of oval wear) but occasionally the minimum amount of re-shaping to the holes may be required, again using special tapered reamers. The cost range to refit and lubricate your existing tuning pegs is from $15.00 up to about $60.00.