Emanuel Whitmarsh English 16 3/4″ Viola, c.1900

Originally trained as a stonemason, Whitmarsh became a successful self-taught violin maker. As well as turning out an impressive amount of new instruments, he was also trusted to repair old instruments for a variety of London dealers and was, to some extent, involved in dealing himself as “Whitmarsh Model” labels have been seen on instruments clearly made in the large European centres of trade.

He settled in Dalston in 1908 where he was assisted by his son, Edwin.

This 16 3/4" viola is a very charming and characteristic example of Whitmarsh’s work; the expanse of the beautifully figured one piece back, with matching ribs, is particularly arresting!

The larger size helps to provide a powerful, deep voice from the bass strings, whilst the upper registers are clear and offer a bright response from overtones. Generous volume and projection combined with a wide range of tone colour make this an outstanding instrument that will reward the player on the journey of discovery!

Emanuel Whitmarsh English 16 3/4" Viola, c.1900

Reference: VA28