4/4 Hagen Weise #130 Violin

The #130 is one of our favourite violins in the Hagen Weise range of German made orchestral instruments. We have stocked these instruments for many years and have always found them to be of consistently good quality. The back wood is generally of nicely flamed maple with matching sides and head, the top plate of fine grained spruce; the varnish is of a lightly shaded pattern in a warm brown over a golden ground.

Hagen Weise operates and oversees one of Germany’s internationally known and respected instrument workshops.

Violins come in either ‘Stradivari’ or ‘Guarneri del Gesu’ models and the fine workmanship and attention to detail combined with a master set-up with the best quality strings and fittings contribute to a consistently fine sound with ease of playing.

The images shown are generic, wood patterns and colours may vary from violin to violin.

Reference: Weise 130.G.Vn