Paul Weidhaas viola bow, c. 1935

Paul Weidhaas viola bow, c. 1935

Paul Weidhaas was an inveterate traveller. He learned bow making from his father in Markneukirchen in the early 1900s. He then worked for bow makers in Breslau and Hamburg. He completed his Masters examination in Hamburg in 1918 before returning to Markneukirchen to manage his fathers shop.

He continued to travel, working with some of the most renowned artisans of the day, including Max Möller in Amsterdam and
Victor Fetique in Paris, to name but two.

This obsession to push himself out in order to broaden his knowledge inevitably resulted in Weidhaas not only becoming one of the most accomplished but also one of the most internationally recognised and respected German bow makers of the 20th century.

This bow comprises an octagonal pernambuco stick with silver mounted ebony frog, the unusual five band adjuster of silver and ebony. It dates from c. 1935 and weighs 69 gm.

Reference: VAB49