Johann Ulrich Eberle Czech Violin, Prague c.1760

Johann Ulrich Eberle, born in Vils (Tyrol) 1669, later moving to Prague in the Czech Republic where he established his own workshop and became one of the most celebrated makers of the Prague School. He adopted the Stainer style of his homeland but adapted it in size and modelling in homage to the Cremonese School.

This violin has a beautifully carved lion’s head in place of a scroll. This was an occasional characteristic of Stainer’s output and, as with similar Tyrolean work, it is carved in pear wood, grafted to a maple neck.

This violin has a beautiful, full, powerful tone, rich in overtones. Clear articulation, sensitivity to the slightest changes in bow conductivity and good double stopping resonances complete the picture.

A lovely, versatile instrument that will reward the player on each step of the journey.

Johann Ulrich Eberle Czech Violin, Prague c.1760

Reference: VN.585