Alfredo G Galea Italian/South African 16 1/4″ Viola, 1951

Alfredo G Galea 16 1/4" viola, Durban 1951

Galea spent much of his working life outside of the main violin making centres and so little of this master’s history is recorded. He was born in Cairo of Italian parents and emmigrated to South Africa. Reportedly with the help of Yehudi Menuhin, he immigrated to California, USA in 1962 where he settled for the remainder of his life.

This 16 1/4” viola was made in 1951 in Durban and clearly indicates a professional, classical Italian background. His varnish was much admired in his day and he was accredited as a Master Violin Maker by the Italian Violin Makers Association.

Alfredo G Galea Italian/South African 161/4" Viola, 1951

Reference: VA.61