Martin Schuster, 16 1/4″ Baroque Viola, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 1991

A graduate of the famous Newark Violin Making School in the U.K., Martin has worked in the Netherlands and Germany before setting up his workshop in Melbourne, where he now dedicates his time to making new instruments in both modern and baroque styles. Martin is a founding member of the Australian Violin Maker’s Association (AVMA).

A lovely two piece back with matching ribs and scroll covered in an orange ‘antiqued’ varnish set off this terrific viola.

It is very resonant, with a warm tone that is rich in overtones and very responsive even at the highest positions on all strings. It has a beautiful singing quality, even balance across the strings and a wide colour palette to play with.

“There is an elegance to this viola and the way it reacts to playing and how it reflects its tone production that makes it an ideal instrument for baroque to early romantic music.”


A sensational viola in ‘baroque’ style, modelled on the Andrea Guarneri “Compte Vitale” viola.

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