Martin Schuster Australian Violin, Melbourne 2017

A graduate of the famous Newark Violin Making School in the U.K., Martin worked in the Netherlands and Germany before setting up his workshop in Melbourne, where he now dedicates his time to making new instruments in both modern and baroque styles.

Based on a personal model, which pays homage to the great Italian masters, it has a beautifully flamed one piece slab cut back with narrow flamed maple on the ribs and head and a first class spruce top plate; the varnish is of a warm orange-brown laid over a golden ground in a complex faux-antique pattern.

It is responsive and sonorous throughout its range providing a rich, evenly balanced sound which projects well. The bass register is great, having a beautiful clear tone right to the highest positions on the “G” string. Playing double stops and chords is a breeze, making the violin so playable.

Lively and fiery through fast passages, it backs off effortlessly to a neat, elegant sound for moments where more delicate playing is required.

Really a violin of great quality.

Martin Schuster Australian Violin, Melbourne 2017

Reference: VN.992