AMEB Exam Grade Books

AMEB Exam Grade Books


We stock the full range of AMEB books: Preliminary to Grade 6 and Technical workbooks for violin, viola and cello; sightreading for violin and cello; plus Grade 7 and handbooks with recordings for violin.
We can also order in cds with the recorded accompaniment parts for violin and cello, Preliminary to Grade 3; Series 8 grade books for violin; and the Aural test handbook.



The AMEB grade books are a collection of graded repertoire, for the AMEB exams. Carefully selected by top Australian performers and pedagogues, they feature diverse musical styles and often include works by celebrated Australian composers. Repertoire is carefully coordinated to align with the technical requirements at each grade level. The book includes piano accompaniment.

The Technical Workbooks contains all of the technical material required by the AMEB Violin Syllabus, for examinations from Preliminary to Eighth Grade. It features fully-notated scales, arpeggios and technical exercises in a logical and convenient layout.
The sightreading books are a structured course in the development of sight-reading, containing examples of the kind of sight-reading material candidates may encounter in examinations from Preliminary to Eighth Grade.
The Aural test book includes a series of graded tests and recordings at each grade level to assist candidates preparing for the Aural tests portion of AMEB practical exams.