New Harmony Wolf Note Suppressor

New Harmony Wolf Note Suppressor


New Harmony wolf note suppressor



These wolf note suppressors have several advantages. The first is that they are available in several weights. The multiple weights allow the selection of the lightest weight necessary to eliminate the wolf note. A second advantage is that the design of the this wolf note suppressor eliminates the need for a rubber liner, thumb screw, and a lock nut which is found on other wolf note suppressors that mount on a string. Installation is simple. The suppressor is pressed onto the string, starting at one end of the slot. The suppressor can then be removed and replaced on the string until a position is found that best suppresses the wolf note. The suppressor stays in place, but is easy to readjust if the wolf moves because of humidity changes, etc.

In addition to their ease of use, possibly the most important advantage is that these wolf note suppressors have minimal or no noticeable effect on the sound of the entire instrument, possibly because there is a direct contact between the string and the brass of the wolf note suppressor.