Adele Beardsmore, Guarneri Model Violin, Australia, 2020

Modelled on the mid-period work of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, this violin is not a slavish copy of any particular instrument, rather, Adele’s terrific interpretation of some of that great master’s best work. The slab-cut maple back gives warmth to the sound and Adele’s own varnish, which has aloe incorporated into the mix, gives great warmth and depth to the colour. The varnish is applied in a subtle faux antique pattern.

Adele Beardsmore hails from St. Albans in the UK but grew up in Cornwall. She studied at the famous Newark School of Violin Making and has worked in England and the Netherlands. She taught violin making at the Juliet Barker workshop in Cambridge before migrating to Australia with her Australian husband in 1994. Since then, she has worked in the Blue Mountains in NSW mainly making new instruments.

The violin is fitted up by Adele herself, using top quality ebony fittings and Evah Pirrazzi Gold strings. It would be suitable for advanced students and professional players or a dedicated amateur who deserves the best!

Reference: VN.1192