Bam Hightech Slim Violin Case

The outer shell of Bam's Hightech cases is made utilising Bam's Hightech manufacturing technique comprising a triple-ply structure made of high performance materials (ABS / Airex foam / thermoplastic) which ensures that the case is ultra-light weight and offers outstanding protection.

Hightech cases all have a rigid PVC “male / female” seal. Shaped under heat, this seal ensures hermetic closing and contributes to the rigidity of the case when it is closed.

Inside: The instrument is suspended on two injected foam cushions. There are two bow holders, a strap for a Kun style shoulder rest and an internal detachable accessory pocket.

Outside: The case has detachable and extremely comfortable anti-slip back-pack straps, a detachable subway strap and two number combination locks.


Inside: Black

Outside: White, Orangey and Navy


1.9 kg


Inside: (Upper Bout x Middle Bout x Lower Bout): Regular full-size violin

Outside: (L x W x H):

32 x 11 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches / 81.5 x 29 x 18.7 cm

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