W E Hill & Sons viola bow, London, c.1958

W E Hill & Sons viola bow, London, c.1958

A first class, gold mounted, full stamp viola bow from this most iconic of English workshops

This bow has been sold.  CVCB204.


This bow was made entirely by Malcolm Taylor; the division of labour period at Hills being over, within the strict quality guidelines at Hills, Taylor’s personal style is allowed to show through.

The bow comprises a beautiful round pernambuco stick with rose-gold mounted ebony frog which is decorated with Parisian eyes; the three piece adjuster of gold / ebony / gold. The frog is of the Hill style that runs on ‘rails’. The lapping is traditional black and white whalebone.

This bow produces a very refined and clear sound, very smooth legato and détaché and bounces consistently and reliably for spiccato and sautillé. A fine bow, comfortable to hold and one that is capable of producing a range of sounds depending on the player’s varying use of speed and pressure, it will do a lot of the work for you!

This bow has sold.  CVAB76.