4/4 violin bow in the style of Knopf

4/4 violin bow in the style of Knopf


This bow is of German trade origin, c.1890, in the style of Knopf. It has a lovely old Pernambuco stick, and a nickel mounted ebony frog. 

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This is a German trade bow, c1890; it has good weight at the tip and so produces a solid sound without effort, while still responding well to spiccato type strokes .

This bow has been grafted under the lapping which means that the shaft of the stick and the handle have been joined together in an old repair. These are old repair techniques that we barely ever see these days. Unlike grafted heads, with grafted handles the repair doesn’t intrude on the playing shaft of the stick and so there is no risk of ‘flat’ spots where the stick doesn’t respond or feels overly stiff. Additionally, because the graft is tightly bound by the lapping, there is practically no chance of it ever coming apart so this bow can represent a great buy at a vastly reduced price.

At $455, this is about a quarter of what a similar un-grafted bow would fetch and thus represents great value for money for a fully restored bow. 

This bow has been sold.  VNB737