Coda Prodigy Cello Bow

The Coda PRODIGY Cello bow offers advancing students an elevating and supportive design. With a clear, strong, even sound, it is built to provide on-string forgiveness and comfort while enhancing the student’s natural and developing capabilities. The bow will reinforce a young artist’s confidence in their performance.

  • With a firmer stick, this bow is designed for a stable string connection to encourage early exploration of range and articulation.
  • A reinforced tip allows for steady, forgiving balance to accommodate coarse motor control and beginning right hand technique.
  • An elegant solution to the worlds endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony, Xebony fis a proprietary blend of natural fibers and resin that boasts rich luster and natural grain. Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony frogs offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.
  • Made in the USA

Coda Prodigy Cello Bow 4/4

Reference: A.1070


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