Coda Prodigy Viola Bow, Full Size

The Coda Prodigy is the best student bow in their range. With a clear, strong, even sound, it is built to provide on-string forgiveness and comfort. The firmer stick enables stable string connection allowing for the exploration of range and articulation.

  • The reinforced tip allows for steady, forgiving balance to accommodate coarse motor control and beginning right hand technique.
  • All high-wear components (including tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings) are precision made using industry-leading composite materials to ensure a lifetime of worry-free play.
  • The Prodigy features a Xebony Forg.  Xebony is a proprietary blend of natural fibers and resin that boasts rich luster and natural grain, impressing players and bow makers alike. An elegant solution to the worlds endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony.
  • Coda Prodigy Viola Bow, Full Size
  • reference: A.1063


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