German, Mittenwald School, Violin c.1850

The highly flamed back plate with its unique wear pattern is a striking feature of this early to mid-19th century Mittenwald School violin, the sides, head and top plate are of similar quality wood. At around 175+ years old, it has literally been through the wars, there is one old repaired crack in the top and some obvious varnish wear from normal use, but it is otherwise in remarkably good condition.

Mittenwald, in the Bavarian region of Germany, has been a violin making centre for hundreds of years and remains so to this day with some of the finest German instruments emanating from the area. Consistency and time bring with them stylistic elements that flow through the output of the many trade workshops that operated there and although ‘Old Master’ labels are almost universally used (Joseph Guarnerius in this case), it’s Mittenwald origin is clear.

With a big open sound, warm and clear, this violin is very versatile and would be useful for orchestral and chamber music. With our Master set-up and Evah Pirazzi strings it would be suitable for the advanced student, dedicated chamber musician or those playing alternative styles of music.

Reference: VN.1183