Graham Caldersmith, Australian Cello, 1997

Graham Caldersmith started instrument making whilst working as a science teacher. His scientific bent took him further into the research of acoustics, graduating with a Master of Science in Physics in 1974. Following this, he travelled overseas to study with luminaries in acoustics such as Jim Woodhouse and Michael McIntyre in Cambridge and Erik Jansson in Sweden. He also studied with the famous experimental violin maker, Carleen Hutchins, in the USA.

Graham made instruments from traditional European timbers and also worked extensively with Australian tonewoods. The back plate was replaced in 2002 and is of two pieces of lightly flamed maple; the sides and head are of similar wood; the top plate of fine spruce, sporting Graham’s unique F-hole style.

This is a well made, comfortable cello offering great playing characteristics with a Master set-up and top quality strings. It would suit the advanced or advancing student or dedicated amateur player.

Reference: VC.353