Hiscox Cello Case

Th Hiscox Cello hard case gives peace of mind with Triple Shield Technology giving immense crush strength. Add class-leasing shock-absorbance and thermo-regulation technology to help keep your instrument in tune and you have a winning combination. This cello case is made from durable and strong ABS plastic, which offers excellent protection for your instrument.

  • Interior Features: Plush grey material, 2 bow holders; accessory pocket; neck strap for shoulder rest. Provides insulation and shock absorption.
  • Exterior Features: Constructed from strong, ABS material; the ivory shell has a higher specification than the black shell, giving even greater impact resistance. Weathertight seal; 8 secure latches; side handle; recessed pulling handle; 2 inbuilt wheels; heavy duty back-pack carrying straps.
  • This model includes wheels
  • Choose from Black or Ivory
  • Weight: approx 5.8 kg (black) or 6 kg


Body (Back length) including average neck heel = 790mm
Spike Length (retracted) = 80mm
Upper Bout = 345mm
Lower Bout = 450mm
Total Length = 1230mm

  • Made in the UK