Intelli IMT-204 Metronome and Tuner

Intelli 4 in 1 tuner and metronome is a versatile digital metronome / dual tuner is suitable for all types of instruments and voice.

Metronome Features:

  • Loud, wood-block and clear chime tone
  • Tempo range from 40 to 216 beats per minute in 41 steps
  • Accented down beat phrases (0, 2 to 7) and five kinds of rhythms
  • Sweeping LCD meter makes it easy to stay on beat, even with the volume of

Tuner features:

  • Automatic and chromatic
  • Dedicated tuning mode for stringed instruments
  • Built in microphone and jack
  • Calibrate from A 430 to 449 Hz in 1 Hz steps
  • Easy-to-read LCD meter acts like a real tuning meter; with its super bright tri-coloured tuning LED lights it clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents.
  • High performance voltage regulator keeps high contract LCD display at all times
  • Advanced tuning algorithm – works for most string and reed Instruments including human voice
  • Automatic power off – 3 minutes with no signal.
  • Additional features and specifications:
  • Non-volatile memory maintains all settings during power-off
  • Recessed power on / off button (won’t accidentally turn on in your instrument case)
  • Uses 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Overall dimensions: 100 x 65.5 x 16 mm
  • Weight (incl. batteries): approx. 100 g



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