John Johnson English Baroque Violin, c.1750

This is such a lovely violin by one of the leading English makers of his day. Rare violins like this would probably have started out life in what we call ‘Transitional’ form, that is neither fully modern nor truly ‘Baroque’ in the sense that we recognise.

Some English makers continued to produce viols and early styles of violin (Amati, Stainer et al) for many years after their European colleagues had moved on to more modern forms. This violin could therefore genuinely be seen as a late baroque instrument and we felt it was an ideal candidate to be returned to period set-up. The transformation was carried out for us by our friend and colleague, Ian Watchorn.

John Johnson apprenticed to Daniel Wright in the early 1730’s and subsequently opened his own workshop at the ‘Harp and Crown’ in Cheapside. He ran a successful business, employing several talented craftsmen and produced a range of instruments largely on the London ‘Stainer’ model that was popular at the time.

It has been fitted-up in our workshop and, as a baroque violin, has a wedged fingerboard with a custom-made ebony tailpiece, genuine period boxwood pegs and gut strings. This violin is suitable for exponents of early music.

John Johnson English Baroque Violin, c.1750

Reference: VN52