Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert, 16″ Viola, USA

This very attractive 16” viola is modelled on the early Brescian masters, the double purfling around the edges and decorated back are characteristics of this school. Full arching is another typical characteristic and for violas, this helps to produce the big rich sound which this instrument embodies. The varnish has a lovely warmth and is applied in a complex and clever faux-antique pattern.

Made in 2001 in the workshop of Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert in Petaluma, California, where they hand craft some of the finest modern instruments available. This is an inspiring instrument, it has been used professionally since it was made and it would suit the advanced student or professional player.

The viola is comfortable in both size and appearance, it has a ‘Master’ set-up with Evah Pirazzi Gold strings which afford it a lovely warm, dark sound, nicely balanced throughout and with good clarity, which aids the perceived volume and projection, which it has in spades.

Reference:  VA.172