JTL French Violin Bow, Stamped Buthod c.1910

A super French violin bow with all the typical attributes in terms of quality and style that have elevated them to the upper echelons of the craft. For the right player, this will be the bow of a lifetime. It would be suited to the advanced or advancing student or the professional player.

Charles Buthod was a director of the Jerome Thibouville-Lamy firm, questionably the most important and productive violin and bow making companies in Mirecourt. Buthod did not himself make bows, the firm employed bow makers and additionally outsourced from some of the fine Mirecourt makers. They utilised a number of bow stamps and Buthod’s name would only be applied to the best. This bow is made in the Vuillaume style with the edges of the frog softened and the frog running on tracks in the stick ensuring stability.

JTL French Violin Bow,Stamped Buthod c.1910

Reference: VNB.726