KG 80 Cello Outfit 3/4

The KG 80 cello is ideal for both the beginner and intermediate level cellists. It has clear, balanced tones and great ease of playing.

One of the very popular KG range of instruments, the KG80 cello is handmade in China using fine, lightly flamed maple and spruce.

Our Master Set-up for this instrument is aimed at achieving the optimum in sound and playability. To achieve this, more refined adjustments, upgraded fittings and professional quality European strings are used. As this is our most popular model, it is always held in stock.

*N.B. small variations in price may occur depending on the precise nature of the setting-up process or in the event of customised work being requested.

The outfit price includes soft bag and bow.

The images of this instrument are generic; actual stock items may differ in colour and wood grain, etc.

KG 80 Cello Outfit 3/4