Korg KDM-2 Band and Orchestral Metronome

The very distinctive looking Korg KDM-2 metronome has a cylindrical resonator, which adds volume, thus supporting a wider range of instruments.

When the metronome is stopped, the detected tempo is displayed on the LCD. During tap tempo input “TAP” is displayed on the LCD. If there is no input for a given period of time, “TAP” disappears and tap tempo input ends.

Some of the features and specifications for this metronome as advised by Korg (therefore we may not be able to answer all queries) are:

* Beat range: 0 to 9 beats, duplets, triplets, triplet with inner beat omitted, quadruplets, quadruplets with inner beats omitted, son clave (2-3) (3-2), rumba clave (2-3) (3-2)

* Reference pitches: 12 reference pitches (C4 to B4) C4 (261.63 Hz) to B4 (493.88 Hz) – 1 octave

* Calibration range: A4 410 Hz to 480 Hz (in 1 Hz units)

* Speaker: Dynamic speaker (diameter 36 mm)

* Power supply: Four AAA batteries (fresh batteries supplied)

* Dimensions: 106 x 48.5 x 106.5 mm

* Weight: 210 g with batteries

The battery lasts for approximately 120 hours of continuous use.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.


The Korg KDM-2 Band and Orchestral Metronome is an easy-to-use digital metronome.

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