Larica Gold I Rosin (Violin)

Larica Gold Rosin is made using pure larch resin. Gold is then added during production, giving the rosin special properties which allow instruments to sound warmer, brighter and more lively. This is a versatile rosin which improves the resonance, warmth and clarity of an instrument’s tone. It should be used sparingly.
The grades, from I to IV, are on a scale of hardness with I being the hardest and driest, and IV being the softest and stickiest. Therefore I is best suited for violin.

  • Made in Germany
  • Attractively packaged in a box for protecting the rosin, and individually wrapped in a cloth for keeping fingers clean
  • Not recommended for use in combination with other brands; mixing with other rosins can have an adverse effect on the horsehair

For more on the various different rosins available, see our news item on Rosins.


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