Larsen Original Cello D String, 4/4

The Original Larsen strings have an embracing warmth of tone that is ideal for  the classical cello repertoire.  Their easy response, powerful projection and rapid tuning stability have made them a benchmark amongst cellist around the world. Their sound is characterised by a deep, warm and focused tone, with great power and personality. Larsen A & D are popularly paired with Spirocore G & C. They are available in three gauges - Medium; strong (higher tension, which can provide greater volume and improved projection, but slower responsiveness); and soft (lower tension, which can provide a brighter sound and quicker response, but less volume and projection)

  • Also available are Larsen Soloist for a brighter, more powerful tone
  • Made in Denmark
  • Choose from Strong, Medium or Soft
  • Also available in fractional sizes
  • Steel core with steel winding

Original price was: $98.50.Current price is: $88.65.

Larsen D Standard Cello String