Mario Gadda, Italian Violin, 1981

A robust and pristine violin by Mario Gadda from 1981, with beautifully selected tonewoods and typically precise workmanship. It is stamped with Gadda’s monogram on the button of the back plate and  “M. Gadda Mantova” on the lower rib by the endpin. It comes with the certificate of authenticity of the maker.

Mario Gadda was the son and pupil of his father Gaetano Gadda in Mantova, Italy, who studied with, assisted and became the successor to Stefano Scarampella, whose influence carried through to Mario’s work. Mario was a prolific maker of several different models including those of Scarampella. His work is highly respected and is quickly appreciating in value.

This violin needs to be coaxed a little to give its best but it will definitely reward the right player. It is set up to our ‘Master’ level with Evah Pirazzi strings whilst retaining all it’s original rosewood fittings. It would be suitable for the advanced student or young professional player.

Reference: VN.1140