Martin Schuster Workshop, Australia, Violin, 2020

Martin hails from Düsseldorf and studied cello with Jürgen Wolf before being drawn to violin making. He studied at the Newark school of Violin Making in the U.K., graduating in 1988. He has worked in the Netherlands and Germany before moving to Melbourne where he set-up his workshop in 2001. Since then, Martin has been an integral part of the Melbourne and the greater Australian violin making scene, being one of the founding members of the Australian Violin Maker’s Association (AVMA).

This violin is a ‘workshop’ instrument which means that some of the initial construction work is done off-site with only the fine detail work being completed at the master’s bench.  The old Italian masters, Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù, are the models are generally used for the inspiration for these workshop instruments.

The one piece back plate is of narrow flamed maple with the figure descending from left to right; the sides and head are of similar wood; the two piece top plate is of medium spaced grain lines at the centre, growing wide towards the flanks. The violin is finished in a beautiful warm amber varnish which is treated to a complex faux-antique pattern revealing a golden ground.

It has a big sound, clear and well balanced throughout with good projection. It responds quickly to the bow, has nice ringing overtones and is properly proportioned for accurate double stoppings. This violin has a ‘Master’set-up with Obligato strings and would be suited to the advanced or advancing student.

Martin Schuster Workshop Violin 2020.

Reference: VN.1232