Paul Agar, Cello, Australia, 2019

This cello is modelled on the well-studied 1717 cello of Pietro Giacomo Rogeri of Brescia, Italy.  P.G. Rogeri was the pupil of his father, Giovanni Battista, and follows G.B.’s revered short, fat model which is both comfortable to play and invariably produces a great big sound.  It has a highly figured, two piece back and two-piece top of straight grained spruce and warm red-brown varnish.

Paul Agar is an industrial chemist from Melbourne whose complete dedication to the art of violin making over the past twenty years is inspiring. He is often to be seen at violin making professional development meetings and is well known to most of the professional makers in Australia. Paul is also a keen acoustician, following the plate tuning methods proposed by Savart, Hutchins, Kreit that many professional makers now follow.

Fitted up by the maker with Larsen Magnacore strings, this cello is comfortable to play, sounds great and represents terrific value for money for the advanced student or young professional player

Paul Agar Australian Cello, 2019

Reference: VC.334