Robert Laumann, Hungarian violin, 1903

Robert Laumann was one of the foremost Hungarian violin makers of his time. He apprenticed to Nador Brückner, later working for Josef-Wenzel Schunda. He also spent several years in Germany honing his craft before setting up his workshop in Budapest in1895. He was soon, in 1900, to gain prestigious medals for his work at the Paris World’s Fair.

This beautiful, stylish violin, which shows off Laumann’s superb craftsmanship, features a striking two piece back plate of bold, broadly flamed maple with the figure descending from  the centre joint; the sides and head are of narrower flamed maple; the top plate of finest quality tonewood; the varnish is of a beautiful, complex, faux antique application having a warm red-brown colour laid over a golden ground.

It has a lovely rich bass with an even, seamless transition throughout the range becoming naturally brighter in higher positions. It has lots of volume, projects well and has a quick response. A comfortable violin that performs well above its price range. This beautiful violin has much to offer to the dedicated amateur, advanced student or professional player wanting to up-grade.

Robert Laumann, Hungarian Violin, 1903.

Reference: VN.1278